Tree on a plane

I’m pleased to share another example of the art. This piece got to fly on a plane – how exciting! Let’s hope it finds a good home.

Trees are so special. Roots, trunk, branches and leaves: These are symbols of strength. Trees keep us sheltered, and give us oxygen, paper, firewood, buildings and more. They give us life and they provide without complaining. Think of these things when you see a tree in your town or city, or when you see them in a blur as you zip around on a train or in your car. Give some love to trees. They deserve it.


It has started.

The first piece has been placed somewhere in a very large city. A second piece will travel on an airplane next week, and three more pieces will then make their way to at least two different countries, on at least two continents.

This is exciting!

It’s also a bit nerve-wracking – will someone find the art? Will someone share a story, and let me know the art found a good home? I told myself it didn’t matter if I heard from people or not. But if I’m to be honest, it does matter. And the main reason it matters is because I hope the art ends up somewhere, instead of in a trash can.

So, dear people of this lovely planet: keep your eye out for art. It has been shared. If it is found, let it live somewhere other than a recycle bin.

First Art

Here’s the first piece of art that will leave the studio – number one. A blue jay, seen at a bird feeder over the December break. Shimmering feathers, regal crest. Voracious in its eating habits. These corvids can clear a feeder in minutes, it seems.