Did you find it?

Did you find some art?

The art was shared, and now it is found. It brought me some joy to make it, and more joy to share it. It has a good home somewhere out there, and maybe your apartment or house will be its good home.

It’s yours if you want it, or you can leave it somewhere for someone else. Or you can keep it for a while, and then decide later to pass it on to someone else. Maybe it will travel the world and end up on a desk or bookshelf in Perth, Panama City, Paris, or Plattsburgh.

You are also invited to get more involved with this project: you can fill out a form (below) anonymously or with your name and email address. You can also just send me an email directly if you would like. Tell me your story, and what the art might mean to you (if anything at all….). Let me know where you found it, where you live, and maybe something interesting about what you do.

You can also take a photo of your art in its new home, and email the photo, or share over social media (Instagram, Twitter). You are now a part of the story of this art. Perhaps what you write will also be part of a longer narrative to be featured on this blog, or elsewhere!

Thanks for finding the art, I sure hope you like it.