Found This Art has a rather simple guiding principle: bring joy to others, through art.

That’s it.

If it will make some people happy, it’s a success.

It works like this: one piece of the artist’s work is carefully placed somewhere in the world, once per week (minimally). It’s placed for someone else to find – a secret place, but obvious enough for someone to stumble across it. Whoever finds it can keep it, or pass it along. And along the way, they can share their story.

Found This Art was founded in January 2019 (here’s the first piece to leave the studio). The artist and creator was founded in the last century. The artist lives with a family, in a town, in an area with forests, fields, and lakes. Only a handful of friends know the identify of the artist, and know the full scope of the project. Several secret agents, from around the world, also help in the distribution of the art. If you do happen to figure out the identity of the artist, please keep it secret – because secrets are fun and special.

The Found This Art logo is the face of a little friend, also the creation of the artist. It was first imagined and sketched out when the artist was about a decade old, many decades ago. Somehow, at the time, a little misshapen and odd crown-like hat over a smiling face seemed just right. A mix of quirkiness, mischief and fun.

The art itself is neither magnificent or sophisticated – it’s simple in conception, design and execution. Normally, a small sketch further developed with pen and splashes of watercolor. It is often inspired by the natural world, whether a blade of grass, shorebird or ancient oak tree. They are small pieces, easily hidden in special places.

All of the art is original, unique, and one-of-a-kind. Each piece is numbered and dated (Month, Year) to stamp the time it left the studio.

You can always send your thoughts and questions to: FoundThisArt@gmail.com

Your thoughts and comments may also be featured on the blog.